Spring Garden Design Ideas for 2019 | Add Garden Glass to your list

Glass rocks clear and turquoise in gardens
Glass rocks clear and turquoise in gardens

Spring is here. Cherry Blossom trees across Europe are in full bloom. If you are living in Germany, it may be a good idea to visit Bonn, the cherry blossom capital of Europe. Spring brings a dash of energy and sunlight to our workaday lives. It is the perfect time to clean up your garden, sow some new seeds and redesign your lovely garden. Glass in Garden is emerging as a wonderful new concept in garden decoration. Traditionally garden decoration has involved using water, stones, and colors to enhance the beauty of the backyard. However, these are old ideas and have been used by many people over the centuries. 

The concept of using glass to decorate gardens and homes is relatively new and is emerging as a trendsetter across gardens in Germany and Europe. Spring weather can prove to be unpredictable in many countries. Sunny days are interspersed with many grey and rainy days. An element of color on a rainy spring day can lighten up the mood and bring energy. Imagine a lovely spread of cobalt blue glass gravel or a dose of yellow glass pebbles in your garden. Adding colorful garden glass products would set your garden apart. 

What kind of glass products can be used in the garden?

The answer would depend on the following factors:

  • How big is the garden?
  • What are the weather patterns?
  • Location of the garden - is it a terrace garden, a balcony garden, open lawns or a commercial garden

Once you have answers to the above questions, carefully determine the kind of garden glass product that you would want to buy. The open market has a variety of garden glass products. Our spring garden design ideas for 2019 would recommend the following products due to their easy maintenance, frost-free material, weather resistance and colorful selection

Once you have chosen the product, here are certain garden glass design ideas to inspire you:

Roundabout with glass chippings cobalt blue
Roundabout with glass chippings cobalt blue
  • Glass Chippings can be utilized as floor beds of walking paths
  • Glass Rocks can be utilized for filling gabions or as plant pot covers 
  • Glass Granules can be utilized to designed open patio garden
  • Glass Pebbles for indoor greenhouse with tabletop trees
  • Glass Stones as an ornamental spreading material in substantial urban spaces like school gardens, high traffic zones, parks and so forth.
  • Wind chimes can be used in combination with glass balls 

These are some of the ideas to transform your garden landscaping in 2019. Garden landscaping with glass is a novel way of enjoying the Spring. So go ahead and use that garden glass to deck up your gardens.

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