Garden of Glass | Versatile uses of Garden Glass

Glass rocks cobalt blue
Glass Rocks Cobalt Blue

The versatility of garden glass for landscaping, fireplaces, terrazzo, aquariums and swimming pools. The following article lists the various uses of garden glass like glass rocks, glass pebbles, glass stones and terrazzo mirror. We also explain why garden glass is such a versatile product and how it can be purchased online at attractive rates.


Adding color to the yard makes gloomy days bright. Of course, decorative plant varieties can spruce up the garden with flowers of various colors. However, in cold winters flowers and leaves fall off, leaving your garden looking pale and empty. Usage of glass in garden has rocketed in Europe. Glass adds elegance to your backyard by creating a stunning melancholy of colors throughout the year. Unlike mulch and other decorative materials used for garden, glass does not wear out easily and lose color over prolonged periods. Glass landscaping is safe for kids and pets as most of our products are not sharp and tend to have smoother edges.


Gas fireplaces are increasingly popular since they are cleaner, efficient, and generate no ash. Firepit glass or fire glass are customized to for gas fireplaces as they mask the gas jets. These tempered glasses enhance the beauty of a gas fireplace and also covers imperfections. Watch the beauty of glass crystals shine in the glowing fire. Glass Rocks, Glass Chippings, Glass Stones and Glass Pebbles from Deco Stones can be used as fire glass.


Terrazzo glass acts as an ideal replacement for traditional marble chips. With a mirror covering on both sides, this unique product is used as a covering on counter-tops. Combine them with smart LED lighting, and the terrazzo mirror delivers a modern look to your home. This rare double-sided mirror glass is part of an exclusive collection and Deco Stones is among the select companies to offer them on the market. Terrazzo double sided mirror is made from recycled industrial glass and is environment friendly.

Flower Arrangements

Fill up a glass vase with some colorful mix of glass pebbles or terrazzo mirror to enhance the beauty of the flowers. Bright colors can lighten up a room on a gloomy day.


Fishes can be great pets for families. As they swim across the aquarium, keep your pets happy by decorating the aquarium with colorful garden glass elements. Some ideas include mixing glass pebbles or glass balls with regular stone pebbles. Glass pebbles are not sharp and come in sizes from 13mm to 70mm. These Glass Gems are sure to be a hit with your fishes and children. Add a dash of lighting to your aquarium and these glass pebbles will shine brighter. Garden glass is versatile, colorful, and can be used to deck up various aspects of your beautiful home.

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